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The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.


The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.




5 biggest HR dilemmas of 2024 (and how local gift cards can help)

1. The cost of work crisis:

We’ve all heard of the cost of living crisis but what about the cost of work crisis? As more firms encourage staff back to the office, Gartner has named the cost of work crisis, from travel to buying lunch, as one of their key HR trends of 2024. With years of working from home under their belts these items, once budgeted for, are no longer part of employees’ regular outgoings, potentially hindering willingness to come back to the office. A Town & City Gift Card that can be used on everything from a lunchtime sandwich to a new suit for the office will help to make coming to the office that little bit easier. 

2. Geographically diverse workforces:

The pandemic changed our workplaces forever with remote working becoming commonplace and the geographic boundaries that once existed obliterated. In 2024, HR teams will continue to grapple with the challenges offered by teams spread out across the country, from employee engagement to developing culture. A solution? Town & City Gift Cards are available for over 106 towns, cities and regions around the UK – let staff pick the card closest to them (or somewhere they fancy visiting) and boost connectedness.

3. An increase in employees over 50:

The HR Director suggests that in 2024, we’ll see a surge in employees aged 50 to 64 returning to the workplace thanks to government initiatives and, most likely, the cost of living too. Key for any HR team is ensuring rewards and incentives are appealing and attractive for all employees, whether 17 or 70! With their unique blend of national brands and indies, spanning every sector imaginable, Town & City Gift Cards offer a flexible reward for a diverse workforce. 

4. Wellbeing at the top of employee agenda:

Wellbeing and work-life balance was a hot topic in 2023 with 63.1% of employees saying it was their top concern in our survey. And in 2024, wellbeing is staying firmly on the agenda. For HR teams, this can mean consideration of everything from flexible working to mental health support and employee benefits. With their range of local beauty salons, gyms, swimming pools, venues and service providers, your team can use their Town & City Gift Card to have a relaxing day out with the family, or time just for them.

5. Job hopping:

A PwC survey found that nearly a quarter of employees plan to change jobs in the first half of 2024. With the cost of replacing an employee estimated at 6 – 9 months’ of the employee’s salary, how to prevent job hopping will be a huge HR dilemma this year. From developing an appealing workplace culture to creating onboarding systems that work, stemming the job hopping trend isn’t always an easy fix. Town & City Gift Cards can form part of your overall strategy, whether rewarding performance, celebrating key employee milestones or handing out a gift card for a job well done. 

Ready to solve your HR dilemmas in 2024? 

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