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The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.


The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.




Spring cleaning your R&I strategy

Spring is here and what better time to brush away the cobwebs from your R&I strategy? Business leaders share their top tips for a refreshed, revitalised and renewed approach to rewards and incentives.

1. Pay it forward

This spring, think about how your R&I strategy can support the community that supports you. Arlene McConaghie, Managing Director at Riada, said: “Yes you can buy gift cards for chain stores or Amazon but there is something extra special about supporting your local community. Riada supports businesses through our valuable recruitment services – we are proud that our staff gifting can also continue to pay it forward, collaborate and support businesses. Choosing the Causeway Coast & Glens Gift Card is about the impact and the difference you can make, not only to your staff but to other businesses and your community.”

2. Think inside the mug

Forget outside the box thinking, at Ocado it’s all about inside the mug thinking! Kelly Swinney, Head of Customer Hub at Ocado Retail, said: “An initiative we have to reward and recognise our teams at Ocado Retail is where staff receive a mug containing treats and a £10 Sunderland Gift Card. If a staff member spots an employee who is displaying our values, they’ll pop the mug on their desk so the staff member can use their Sunderland Gift Card to get a coffee in Starbucks.”

3. Tailor to your teams

In 2024, one in two staff say they’re willing to accept lower pay for tailored rewards and incentives. Local gift cards can help. David Dwyer, founder of Inspire Digital, said: “At Inspire Digital, we have a very diverse team with different genders, ages and interests and it can be difficult sometimes to come up with a reward that truly meets all needs. We could have used an Amazon voucher or an M&S voucher as a staff reward but even though M&S is a good brand not all of our staff live near an M&S, and not all of them want to shop at M&S. Town & City Gift Cards meet our staff reward needs well.”

4. Reward long service

Spring could be the time to revitalise your approach to long serving staff, just like RGU. Julie Skinner, Resourcing and Benefits Manager at RGU, said: “We’re using the Aberdeen Gift Card as part of the reward staff receive for long service accompanied by a certificate from RGU’s Principal. For 10 years, staff will receive a certificate, for 20 years they receive a certificate and a £100 Aberdeen Gift Card, 30 years is a certificate and a £200 Aberdeen Gift Card, whilst 40 years is a certificate and a £300 Aberdeen Gift Card. Line managers are notified in advance if they have a team member due to receive a long service award so they can be presented to the individual in an appropriate way.”

5. Celebrate success

This spring, how about pausing to reflect on the success of your organisation, like Chan’s in Glasgow. Henry Chan is the Managing Director of the wholesaler and said: “In summer 2023, we wanted to celebrate Chan’s 38th birthday and also thank staff for their hard work. Employee needs have changed a lot over recent years. It’s not always possible for organisations to put up wages for their staff but if a business is doing well, then it’s a positive thing to reward staff and show appreciation. The added benefit of using a local gift card like the Glasgow Gift Card is that it’s supporting the local economy too.”

5. Align to your objectives

Could you use your R&I strategy to further your overall business goals, like Viberoptix? Bronagh Carney, ESG manager at Viberoptix, said: “Enshrined in our culture at Viberoptix is to source local, deliver local, and engage with local communities to give back to the local people who are living and working in the area. We’re also a family oriented business with lots of our employers tied to the local area, so using the Mid Ulster Gift Card over alternative gift card options is something that we feel very strongly about.”

Spring clean your R&I strategy with Town & City Gift Cards. 

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