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The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.




Quiet quitting? 8 ways to boost staff motivation in 2024

Quiet quitting – the phenomenon of employees doing the bare minimum – burst onto the scene in 2023. And it’s still very much on the agenda for 2024 with one Belgian study finding 67% of companies place it as a key concern. We asked workplace experts for their 8 ways to tackle quiet quitting and boost staff motivation in 2024.

1. Same behaviour, new name

Even though quiet quitting dominated headlines last year and is set to continue to do so this year it’s not necessarily a new employee behaviour, says. Anthony Sutton founder of Cream HR: “It’s always interesting that certain behaviours attract new labels, titles or badges, when in reality these behaviours have often existed in the workplace for a long time. Whatever the title, some people have always worked by fulfilling their contractual duties rather than doing anything extra or showing initiative.”

2. Spot the signs

Before you can tackle quiet quitting, you need to know what to look for. Bayu Prihandito founder of Life Architekture suggests: You may want to look for employees who are less productive, showing a lack of initiative, or are reluctant to collaborate. There might also be a decline in the quality of their work or an increase in absenteeism. Ignoring these signs can lead to mental health issues, potential burnout, and a toxic work environment, which could negatively impact the rest of your team.”

3. Check expectations

Ready to start boosting engagement and motivation, start by checking employee expectations, says Anthony: “Whilst the labels attached to workplace behaviours may change, the fundamental employee engagement techniques do not change much. Of course, they evolve with technology and workplace changes, but in simple terms employee engagement is about actually following some basic principles, such as ensuring that employees know exactly what is expected of them in their role.”

4. Provide the right tools and opportunities

Integral to boosting employee engagement and motivation is making sure that employees have the tools, equipment and ability to achieve their goals and to do well, adds Anthony. “It’s about ensuring that employees are in a role that suits their skills and provides them the challenge and opportunity they seek, so they have the opportunity to do what they do best, every day.”

5. Professional development and open communication

“Employers can boost engagement by offering professional development opportunities and ensuring that every employee feels valued and heard,” says Bayu. “The key is to have regular feedback through one-on-one sessions and open communication channels in place, that encourage honesty and transparency, creating a safe space free from the worry of judgement or repercussions.”

6. Praise, encouragement and positive culture

“If you want your people to feel motivated, regular positive feedback about their work is vital,” says Anthony, who advises giving staff genuine praise and recognition for their good work, ideally on a weekly basis. Bayu agrees, adding that creating a culture where employees feel valued and part of a larger mission can help to motivate and push forward a team in the right direction.

7. Leaders who care

Often, boosting staff motivation starts with those in leadership positions, and in choosing managers who genuinely care about their people, explains Andrew. “It’s about your managers being interested in their team members, listening to them to understand their aspirations, likes and challenges, providing regular and relevant feedback for their work and actually helping them to develop both professionally and personally.”

8. Rewards that count

Last but not least, don’t forget the power of rewards and incentives to motivate your team. Bayu suggests that rewards and incentives should be meaningful and aligned with the employee’s values and goals. With their support for local and ability to be spent on all types of local products and services, Town & City Gift Cards pair meaning with ultimate local choice. 

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