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The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.


The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.



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Employees share the shocking truth about the cost of living crisis (and how you can help)

“I feel a lot more worried about finances than I ever did in the past,” said one employee in our August 2023 research. In fact, 72% of employees said they’re worried about the cost of living crisis. Here, employees reveal the reality of living in the cost of living crisis, and how you can help them:

1. Make going to work, work

The reality is that a couple of years working from home has made people really notice the extra costs of working from an office. One employee said: “I’m moving to a new job this week and the main reason for moving was the better salary plus the chance of working from home one day a week, saving on travel and lunches too.” A Town & City Gift Card that can be used to buy lunch or on travel can really help to make a noticeable difference for your team.

2. Ease the Christmas burden

The festive season can bring joy, but it can also bring extra financial pressures. One employee explained: “I’m single with one income coming in and I’ve had a few bad Christmases over the last few years where I’ve said to family to not get me anything, and I haven’t got them anything in return.” A well timed Town & City Gift Card can take some of that pressure off.

3. Acknowledge tightening budgets

“Every time I go out, the price of things is frightening,” said one employee. “I sometimes think ‘I’m working hard so why shouldn’t I be able to go out and buy what I need?’ But the reality is that I’ve been cutting back on things that are not a necessity. It’s practically impossible sometimes.” Organisations can use the trivial benefits scheme to give staff a £50 Town & City Gift Card, more than once a year, if needed, providing practical support to hard-hit staff.

4. Give employees the means to treat themselves

When money is tight, the first thing to go is often the treats, like eating out and pampering. As one employee explained it: “2022 was not so bad but 2023 definitely is and every time I go to the shops, something has gone up in price. Cafes and restaurants are putting their prices up too because their costs are going up for ingredients.” Town & City Gift Cards can be used with restaurants, cafes, salons, venues and more, giving employees the chance to keep on doing the things they love.

5. Offer discreet support

 Talking about struggling financially can be tough, especially at work but money worries can impact performance. Consider what you can do to support struggling staff. As one employee explains; “Employers don’t know what financial situation their staff are in. A gift card is a discreet way to offer support without a big fanfare. It’s a hard thing for many people to talk about struggling financially, especially at work. Employers should help, especially those staff on lower incomes.”

6. Think practically

As much as treats are instrumental in boosting our wellbeing, the necessities of food and warmth come first. One employee commented: “A Town & City Gift Card that can be used on practical things like food and clothes, or whatever the employee needs, is a very good idea, because people do need help.” With clothes shops, food retailers, and even places to top up on fuel part of many Town & City Gift Card programs, this is practical support at its finest.

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