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The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.


The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.




9 reasons that employees love Town & City Gift Cards

The IRF says that in 2023, incentives are an increasingly critical business strategy to help organisations attract, retain, and build culture across in-office and remote workers. Choosing the right way to reward and incentivise staff is crucial to finding and keeping the people you want, and creating a positive workplace environment. 

More and more organisations are making the switch to our local gift cards to say thank you to their teams, especially during the Christmas period, and here are 9 reasons that employees love Town & City Gift Cards!

1. The big brands they know, the local businesses they love

When you’re choosing rewards for your team, there’s an obvious lure for the big brands that employees will instantly recognise. With most Town & City Gift Cards, your team gets the familiarity of the nationals alongside the local businesses they love. It’s the only gift card that can offer this!

2. They boost motivation

We all know the power of a thank you, don’t we? But a gift card appears to be more motivational for employees than other rewards with 56% of people saying they would be positively influenced by a gift card. Choosing a reward that your team will really appreciate, and can actually use, is sure to be a motivation booster this Christmas. 

3. Staff want to support local

Since the pandemic, interest in supporting local businesses has skyrocketed because we all understand just how important our patronage is to keeping doors open and our community thriving. This extends to your teams too. In fact, in 2022, over 90% of employees said that supporting local businesses was important to them for Christmas. With a Town & City Gift Card in their pocket, it’s easy for your staff to support the local businesses they know and love, or discover new ones!

4. Multi-store offers more!

Finding one single retailer gift card to suit the varying needs of your diverse team is a challenge! But with Town & City Gift Cards you don’t have to make that choice as it’s a multi-store, multi-restaurant, multi-venue card giving your team so much more. In our 2022 research, over 73% said they wanted a multi-store gift card over a single retailer (26%), so it’ll tick their boxes too.

5. They can help with the cost of living

ONS data shows more more than a fifth of adults in Great Britain (around 11.5 million people) reported borrowing more money or using more credit because of the cost of living in January and February 2023. The reality is that we often don’t know how our team is coping financially. Choose Town & City Gift Cards and your staff can use the card on really practical things like stocking up the fridge, buying fuel, or even a new suit for work.

6. They’re better than cash

Gift cards consistently top polls as the most popular reward for staff. In fact, in 2022, over 85% of employees said they’d prefer a gift card over cash! Why? Because a gift card gives them the permission to treat themselves whilst cash just gets absorbed into the general pot, never to be seen again. Town & City Gift Cards go one better than regular gift cards because they offer ultimate local choice in one card.

7. They can support wellbeing

 31.7% of employees listed wellbeing/mental health as their main concern. Town & City Gift Cards can be used in many types of health, beauty and wellbeing businesses, from salons to gyms, opticians to holistic practitioners, so it’s a reward that’ll support their wellbeing too.

8. They’re super easy to use

No-one wants to receive a reward that requires them to jump through hoops to use! Once you’ve gifted your Town & City Gift Cards to staff (and let us know to unlock them) they’re ready to be spent by your team. As they’re Mastercard backed, the balance gets automatically updated, and staff can quickly check the balance on their card using the QR code featured on the card.

9. They create more positive memories

 Another reason that gift cards are favoured over cash is the ‘hedonic value’ of a gift card. It gives the employee permission to use the gift card as they wish, with more positive memories vs. cash as part of the salary. So, when your team gets out spending their Town & City Gift Card on a meal out over the holidays, buying their Christmas food or treating the kids, it’s sure to be a reward that they remember.

Give your team the gift card they’ll love to receive this Christmas, and make your rewards matter:



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