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The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.



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The budget-friendly end of term gift teachers will love

As the end of the school year approaches, what are the best teacher gifts so you can say thank you to your child’s teacher for their hard work? We’re going to reveal the long time best gift that consistently tops polls as a favourite of primary and high school teachers, teaching assistants, play-workers, school cooks, headteachers and more, and best of all it’s a budget friendly teacher gift too!

Spend with shops, restaurants, salons and more

The best teacher gift isn’t a mug, toiletries, scented candles, sweet treats or teddies (even though teachers get heaps of these each year). A May 2023 survey (voted by actual teachers) found that gift cards are the best gifts thanks to the flexibility they offer, and this is a result that keeps on being replicated. Town & City Gift Cards are even better because they offer even more flexibility, with numerous shops, restaurants, cafés, salons, attractions, hotels and more. It’s the gift card on every teacher’s wish list.

The choice is theirs

No need to spend hours ruminating over the store or restaurant you think the teacher would most like. Get them a Town & City Gift Card and they can choose to treat themselves to lunch with their family or a day out, a shopping trip or a pamper session at the end of the school day, the choice is theirs. So whether you’re buying for a high-school history teacher or a rugby coach, your child’s key worker at nursery or their ballet teacher, as teacher gift ideas go, this one is top of the class!

A journey of local discovery

And, as most Town & City Gift Cards feature both national brands, and local independents too, you’re gifting them a journey of local discovery. With one Town & City Gift Card, they have unrivalled local choice and the chance to enjoy the big brands they know and the local businesses they love, making the best teacher appreciation gift. Forget identikit teacher gifts from Amazon, a Town & City Gift Card offers the very best of local.

The budget friendly teacher gift

It can be tricky to find quality teacher gifts on a budget – especially one that teachers won’t already have a cupboard full of at home or in the staff room. Thankfully, as Town & City Gift Cards are available from just £5, they fit the bill as both a cost effective teacher gift and a gift teachers will love. They can buy a coffee at the end of a long day, a new water bottle to keep them hydrated as they write their lesson plans, or put it towards something else they want or need. It really is the perfect gift for teachers.

They’re practical too

No-one wants to buy a teacher gift that will fester away at the back of the classroom stock cupboard. As well as being able to spend their Town & City Gift Card on all kinds of lovely treats, they also make a practical gift too. Whether they want to buy school supplies like paper clips and stationery in all different colours to get organised for the year ahead or buy their groceries, a Town & City Gift Card can be super practical too.

Ideal for teacher gifts from the class

Lots of parents/carers choose to team up on end of term gift giving to get a collective present from the class or group.  Not only is this a good idea to save time/money, especially when buying for multiple teachers, choosing a Town & City Gift Card also means the teacher ends up with a truly great gift. Collecting cash for a teacher in your child’s life? As well as online, many Town & City Gift Cards can be purchased in person. Check our local sales points for your local program.

They can be personalised

Saying thank you to a favourite teacher is made easy with Town & City Gift Cards as a personalised note can be added to the order from your child (or all students in the class). Make it even more special by teaming the Town & City Gift Card with a handwritten note or handmade cards from the children, saying why they’re the best teacher. A little note telling them the difference they’re making to your child’s life is sure to make yours one of the most thoughtful gifts they receive.

And of course, Town & City Gift Cards aren’t just favourite gifts for the end of term, they make great holiday gifts and presents for teacher appreciation week too. Get your Town & City Gift Card today.


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