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The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.


The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.




7 organisations who broke the Christmas rewards mould

It’s Christmas, a time to say thank you and spread the festive cheer. But have you ever thought of breaking out of the Christmas rewards mould and switching to something a lot more exciting? Meet 7 local hero organisations who did just that!

1. Gordon Drummond is the founder of Cairngorm Lodges, self-catering accommodation for eco conscious guests, and said: 

“Generally, we offer staff a cash bonus at Christmas of £100 but for Christmas 2022, I wanted a reward that would help to keep the money generated locally in the local economy. In a nutshell, I chose to use the Aberdeenshire Gift Card because it aligns with our values as a company but the choice on offer for staff was extremely important too. I looked at where the gift card could be spent, and I could see that it worked with food retailers like Aldi as well as many independent businesses. The gift card was as versatile as cash, represented good value for staff, and supported local too, so it ticked all boxes.”

2. Mary Carroll is Financial Controller at Whiteriver Group, one of the largest wholesale distributors of flooring in Ireland and said: 

“We normally offer a bonus to staff at Christmas. In the past, we’ve offered a gift card for Dunnes Stores. We liked the fact that the Drogheda Gift Card can be used with over 200 shops and local businesses. Our staff used their Drogheda Gift Card for all kinds of things. The diversity of the businesses where the gift card could be spent was appreciated and utilised by our staff.”

3. Amber Inglis, HR Advisor, and Lauren Strachan, Communications & Marketing Advisor, at Port of Aberdeen said: 

“In the past, we’ve given staff a hamper at Christmas filled with products from local suppliers in Aberdeen. Using the Aberdeen Gift Card fits in with our purpose to create prosperity for future generations. We replaced the hampers with the gift card and employees can use their card to buy Christmas dinner, to go out with their family, or to buy something else entirely. It gives them choice and flexibility.”

4. Leanne Feguson is the Senior HR Officer at Specdrum, the largest supplier of conveyor pulleys in NI and internationally, and said: 

“Specdrum has used the Mid Ulster Gift Card for the past two years as a Christmas bonus for staff prior to them going on their Christmas break, as a way of encouraging them to shop local and put money back into the local community. For us, because we are family owned, using other gift cards wouldn’t give back in the same way as the Mid Ulster Gift Card.”

5. David Dwyer is the founder of Perth based digital agency Inspire Digital, and said: 

“We used to give staff money as a reward and spent a lot of time and energy looking at the rewards and recognition we have in place for each of our teams, including gift cards as rewards. We could have used an Amazon voucher or an M&S voucher as a staff reward but even though M&S is a good brand not all of our staff live near an M&S, and not all of them want to shop at M&S. Town & City Gift Cards meet our staff reward needs well, it gives them choice and it gives us the means to show our support for the local economy.”

6. Dianne Reid is Strategic Lead at East Ayrshire Leisure Trust, a Scottish charitable organisation, and said: 

During work on the cost of living crisis, we realised that there was a strong possibility that staff may also be struggling and that’s when we decided to use the East Ayrshire Gift Card to support staff. Everyone was gifted a £150 East Ayrshire Gift Card, and they received the card in time for Christmas 2022. We received so many positive comments from staff saying how much the gesture meant to them. They appreciated that it was support that could be used in a variety of ways, from shopping in high street nationals like M&S and Boots to the smaller, independent businesses.”

7. Lindsay Gilfillan is a Dunfermline area anti-poverty and community wealth building Project Manager at Fife Council, and said: 

“At Christmas time we provide hampers to families in need in the Dunfermline area. For Christmas 2022, we decided to include a £20 Fife Gift Card too. In the past we’ve provided cash to families, to provide flexibility on where they make purchases and when. Families use their Fife Gift Card on something that they want, or something that they need, whether that’s topping up gas and electricity for Christmas day, buying a gift or two to put under the tree or even to go towards a family activity.”

Ready to make your rewards matter this Christmas?